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Upgrade Alert

The way Dashboard works is that when you upgrade a widget normally, all the currently installed instances of that widget are removed first.

To those savvy users that have multiple instances of the Word of the Day Widget on their Dashboard, you may consider installing the upgrade manually by copying the widget file to ~/Library/Widgets/ and restarting your computer (or just the Dock if you know how to do that). This will help to keep your Word of the Day Widgets positioned as you currently have them and set to your desired word sources. If you install normally, that's fine too, you simply will have to re-setup your Word of the Day Widgets how you like them.

And Mike Piontek at Junecloud has created a software application that helps with instaling widgets. We do not offer support on Junecloud products but the Smart Widget Installer has worked well for us in the past and wanted to pass it along in case it helps you.


May 15, 2009: Reached #2 on Apple's Top 50!

May 11, 2009: Showcased again as Apple's Featured Download!

May 10, 2009: New version released with four new themes!

September 26, 2008: Reached #8 on Apple's Top 50!

September 24, 2008: Showcased as Apple's Featured Download!

September 24, 2008: Initial version released.

Product Info

Displays the Word of the Day from your choice of Merriam-Webster.com, Dictionary.com, Education.Yahoo.com, TheFreeDictionary.com, Wordsmith.org, UrbanDictionary.com, Braingle.com, Scrabble-Assoc.com or MedicineNet.com. Keep multiple copies of this widget on your Dashboard, each with a different word source. Specify the word source on the back of the widget along with the desired color theme. Even more themes coming soon!

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Version: 0.2
Released: May, 10 2009
File Size: 134kb
License: Freeware
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.3 or later

Word of the Day Widget can also be found on Apple's website.


Word of the Day

Installation Instructions

Mac OS X v.10.4 Tiger is required. If you're using Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, the widget installer appears. Click Install if you want the widget installed on your Mac. If you're using a browser other than Safari, click the download link. When the widget download is complete, unarchive and open it to show the widget installer.

NOTE: These installation instructions, provided by Apple, do not necessarily apply to all system configurations and your system may operate differently. Additional information is available on Apple's support website. For example, the support document "Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later: Installing and removing Dashboard widgets" may be helpful.


For support, please email

Version History

Version 0.2 - 05/10/2009

• Added four new themes: Peach, Mint, Velvet and Smoke.
• The resize control's "hotspot" dimensions were increased to make it easier to click-and-drag.
• Updated the feed parsing code in response to changes in some of the feeds.
• Fixed a bug where the scrollbars would appear when launching Dashboard after the system was restarted.
• Changed the version check interval from 24 hours to 1 week.

Version 0.1 - 09/24/2008

• Initial Release